The hyperconsciousness and the dissolution of individual consciousness


In the article Management of information system I have mentioned the idea that individual consciousness can be dissolved. I have also promised to elaborate on said dissolution. This article will cover a concept that I call the "hyperconsciousness"

Informational overload

While the amount of information proccessed by the average individual has been increasing ever since the start of the industrial revolution. It has increased exponentially ever since around the early 2010's. The change that has occured in that era was the introduction of smartphones. Said smartphones allowed near instant access to the internet from any location. While the internet has existed since the 80s it was mostly reserved to outcasts, nerds, geeks and businesses. The average did not use the internet at all. Infact being terminally online was viewed negatively. The introduction of smartphones gave birth to web2.0. A web in which the real world is merged within the digital world rather than being an escape from the real world like in web1.0 and web0.0. As such usage of the internet exploded and now everyone uses it even to the point where being terminally online is viewed as a normal thing. Of course with the fact that web2.0 websites are designed to be addictive as possible via information, informational overload frequently occurs whenever said sites are used. Combine that with the fact that everyone uses said sites and you have a mass Informational overload. It is one of the lead factors in the mental health crisis and is a partial reason for the cowardice and helpness that is found within Gen Z.

The knowledge problem

One of the current problems that is present is the innovation problem. Said problem consists of the fact that the amount of time that is required in order to reach a decent undestanding of a subject (which is necessary for innovation) has been rapidly increasing to the point that whenever one has reached that status. The innovate flame of the youth has longed extinguished in him. Add in the modern comformist state of academia which accerelates the death of the flame and you get a state where innovation is nonexistent. This is the main reason why we have barely progressed since around the 1990s (I think). Of course there are other reasons such as capital's domination over the world and others. However the knowledge problem is the main reason. There are two solutions to the problems:

  1. Increase the lifespan of the average human.
  2. Increase the rate of information intake a human being is capable of handling.

The first solution relies on the idea that the flame of youth will extinguish later and has a plethora of other problems. As such the latter solution is the most appealing one.


As such we have established that human beings need to and are (albeit not productively) consuming information at much higher rates. The only choices for survival are to merge the human consciousness with artifical intelligence and to combine mutiple human consciousnesses into a singular consciousness. The latter is already happening spritually. I see it among my classmates, they espouse sentences brought to them by the stimulation machines. I know they come from the stimulation machines because of how unnautral they sound. It is not them who is speaking, it is a hyperconsciousness that is speaking. I can only imagine that it will begin soon biologically as well. I assume it is going to be some sort of augmentation. Probably a one with an intended purpose of a social network, with said network becoming a singular consciousness. Most people will get it out of peer pressure. And thus individual consciousness will be dissolved and the hyperconsciousness shall come on top!