Management of information diets


One of the most critical parts of information age is the high quantity of information that is available. While such thing is a marvel of technology and engineering. The intake of it can be frequently mismanaged. Mismanagement of said information intake can lead to extremely negative emotions and even the spiritual dissolution of individual consciousness (I will elaborate on said thing in a different article). As such the establishment of a healthy information diet is crucial for survival in the information age. In this article I will describe as what I think is a healthy information diet.

Basic managment

Obiviously, any ragebait has to be eliminated. Not only is outrage extremely addictive but is unhealthy as well. I reccomend abstaining from all political content (you most likely won't have any influence in the matter anyway). If ones wishes to engage in politics I reccomend engaging in one's local politics where he has a reasonable amount of influence.

However the most crucial yet basic factor of an information diet is quantity. Singular, Human brains are only designed to handle so much information. When there is an excess amount of information recieved, the human brains stresses out. One could easily imagine the ills that would be caused by that constant siege of stress. A much more unknown effect is the dissolution of individual consciousness as there is so much information about so many topics that one is unable to analyse them and thus has to sort to import mass opinions. The brain, upon learning the cost-effectiveness of said importing (analysis is a cognitively taxing process) begins to favor mass opinions over individual ones. As a result one's ability of critical thinking decays until one is completely reliant of imported opinions. thus one has lost one's individual consciousness.

Another important factor is diversity. One must recieve different opinions in order to retain proper thinking skills. Failure to do so will result in a extremely tribal mindset as one views those who disagree with him as insane or below man. Traditionally one would communicate with one's community which contains a well diverse set of outlooks and opinions. From which he would form his own or comfront to a certain group. However in the information age such communication has been deemed inefficent in the matters of socializing. The arousal thershold of the average has risen to a degree where traditional, local communications have become dissatisfactory. I reccomend abstaining from all social media as it is full of ragebait, has near infinite quantity and is designed to form an opnion bubble based on the beliefs of the user.

Advanced managment

I am afraid I do not have much to say in this matter. Informational dieting is an extremely unexplored field as it has only recently became relavent and is much harder to notice than something like biological dieting. I guess one could tinker aroud the idea of increasing the speed which one's learns. A success in said scenario could be an excellent solution to knowledge celing problem (I would have linked a page that gives a general idea of what I am talking about but I have failed to find it).