On the environmental movement

NOTE: I do admit that I am heavily biased against the environmentalist movement so I might have cherry-picked the bad aspects of the movement while ignoring the good ones.


The environmental movement is one of largest if not the largest movement in the modern world, it has gained substantial support among the populace, governments and the merchants who are the de-facto rulers of the Neo-liberal Western world. Despite it's massive support and numerous initiatives, the environmentalist movement constantly claims that Not enough is being done. In this article I will explore the numerous initiatives that have sprung from the movement, explore the interests of groups within the movement and finally talk about its ethical aspects.


Paper straws

Paper straws are a type of straw that is made from paper. They have been popularized under the idea of being environmentally friendly. If you ever tried using one those you will quickly realize that they are impractical to use. Hell they Not even environmentally friendly and are bad to your health. They cost more to manufacture. Together with this information I can only conclude that the push for paper straws began by a bunch of bored merchants looking to make more money and to see how dumb people can be. In a nutshell: paper straws are a scam, you should avoid them.

Electric cars

Electric cars are a type of vehicle that uses an electric motor in order to move itself. While EVs existed all they way back to the 19th century. They only started to become popular in the 2010s with the rise of the Tesla models. They have been hailed as a solution to the carbon footprint of traditional cars, with governments beginning to phase traditional cars out. However I do not think that they are a viable solution; EV's lithium-ion batteries produce quite a bit of pollution and not to forget that the power needs to be generated. EVs are also more difficult to repair. Of course EVs still carry the flaws of cars (space inefficiency). I personally think that we should develop a robust public transportation system instead. I also think the reason behind this push is to push people further into technological slavery via tracking and DRM.

School strike for climate

This one is a funny one, it doesn't actually do anything useful. ssfc consists of skipping school in Friday in order to stand in solidarity with the climate movement or something like that. I actually thought of doing this so I could skip out on a day of school (Friday is just a wasted day even for school). So I guess it's alright because you can skip a day of school and get away with it but don't expect it to change the world.

Bug eating

The introduction of insects and the phasing of meat out of the standard diet has been proposed by the WEF and other. It has been criticized to the point where the slogan "You will eat the bugs" is highly common when discussing WEF agenda. Well let me start with the fact that a large chunk of the bugs farmed are toxic and that chitin, a polymer that is highly common in bugs is also toxic. Hell the environmental footprint reduction that they advocate for could probably be achieved with chicken (which have been proved to be alright to be people). My source on that sentence is this which is a WEF graph. Yes you could argue about land but it's generally not a problem since we have enough land. I admit I have done less research on the topic than ideal. I should really expand on this in the future. So far I think it's enough step into slavery (nutritionally deficient people are very docile) so you should avoid it.

Hole in the ozone layer

This article has quite an anti-environmentalist bias I do admit. A such I have decided to cover a successful initiative. Basically back in the 80s there were concerns about the formation of a hole in the ozone layer of Earth. Concerns state that if the ozone layer weakens, radiation from UV rates will skyrocket. This is true, governments took note and the Montreal Protocol was approved. The result is that the ozone layer is expected to fully heal by 2045. Well done (TODO: add citations)


The environmentalist movement is full of scams as it's easy to trick people into doing things under the pretense that it is good for the environment. I recommend to carefully evaluate environmental initiatives when one consider whenever or not to follow them. The most basic environmental agency is to not to litter however it is more of a high-trust society thing rather than a strictly environmental initiative

Agendas and interests

Technological slavery AKA you will own nothing and you will be happy

It is within the interests of all rulers to pacify their subjects. Said pacification has been going on for hundreds of years with schools being a lead contributor. Of course they are still held back by Western values which dictates that men will be free. Eliminating said obstacle will be highly beneficial to their plans. The environmental cause is an extremely easy mobilization tool; just declare something as "bad/good for the environment" and people will begin to mobilize. examples of this are cryptocurrency, bug eating and meat.

The religion of the environment

One can compare the mobilization mentioned in the previous section to that of a mob burning witches at the stake. This is due to the fact that the environmentalist has a strong religious component. The decline of Christianity has left the need for religion empty for many so they form civic religions. The environment is holy and sacred and we foul humans have sinned by trashing it. We could only redeem ourselves by submitting to nature and shutting down our ambitions. One can look at one of their protests and form a parallel with fanatical street preachers.


Submission and curtailment of ambition

One of the main reasons for my loathing of the environmental movement is their idea that we should submit to nature. Keep in mind that submitting to nature is actually against natura unlike what the environmentalists believe, This article covers it. Environmentalists fundamentally believe in the curtailment of human ambition for nature's needs. Now while I condemn consumerism environmentalism goes beyond just condemning it. It condemns the human conquest of nature. The advancement of technology itself requires the conquest of nature as more complex supply chains are required for the manufacturing of goods. Environmentalists either acknowledge this or deny this. I can commend the former for their honesty but the latter are downright delusional. A lot of environmentalists believe in environmentalism because of fear-mongering. Whenever the media isn't showing us with fear mongering about the current crisis of the week, they show us fear mongering about the environment, constantly warning us about overpopulation, rising sea levels and God knows what else. Almost all of this fear mongering never comes true. Yes there might be a chance that it will come true but considering the amount of warnings I heavily doubt it.