The beauty of metaphysical war

Note: I am talking about metaphysical war, not conventional war which is a topic I might cover in the future.

Soldiers kill each other in battles, revolutionaries rise up against their rulers, a man builds a house. What do they all share in common? That they wage war! War, the vessel of all creation, as one must destroy in order to create, is a beautiful process that has been decreed evil after the Great war. War is integral to life, in fact war should be represented as lively rather than the deathlike presentation that is currently popular. Those who do not wage war are doomed to slavery and to stagnation. By rising up against tyrannical rulers you are waging war against them. By constructing a theory you are waging war against previous theories. War is the beautiful one.

In fact, I would go so far as to represent peace as death itself! For peace can only exist in death. By living you wage war, you eat animals and plants in order to sustain yourself, you wage spiritual war against materials in order to craft items. Hail the beauty of war! Hail the dance of life! Hail the young, the strong and the violent!