A Poem

I made a poem. Essentionaly me bashing on zoomers for being nihilists.

Weak and fragile, afraid to struggle
A generation of the wicked
The dead men, they only possess hatred
They hate the sincire, the creators and the struggle
Such wicked men, doomed to vanquish
For the beautiful shall cast them to abaddon
For they shall be destroyed by the living, cast to abaddon
They shall vanish
They live in anguish
No, they never lived
They never believed, never created, never destroyed
They will only die in anguish!
The degenerates, haters of the struggle!
They think of the struggle as the evil of the world!
But I say, it is the good of the world!
So perish under the struggle!

The rhyming is not the most complex, it has some pitfulls but overall it is decent for a first time poem