I miss old interfaces

You know, I miss old interfaces. they were much more practical and better looking. I hate this appeal to phonetards that requires idk like 6Mbs of SoyScript to function and displays information extremely poorly, the only good thing in these interfaces is that they use dark themes and that is rare too for some reason. A good example of this is fontawesome, while their site was a piece of garbage by 4.7, it was still useable without loading a fuckton of SoyScript. V5 and later must have SoyScript enabled to even present the site and it is all massive buttons which don't even allow you to directly copy the icons, piece of garbage! I am too lazy to enable it all so no screenshots of the cheatsheet.
PS: Since I am a dumbass I accidently deleted the cheatsheetv4 image and I am too lazy to restore from a backup