My hatred towards office suites

There is one type of software that I extremely hate and that is office suites. I do not care if it is MSOffice, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google office suites or whatever the macfags use they all suck. Mainly due to the discomfort of usage and the terrible interface. It usually takes a few minutes to me to find the action that I want to do. Well that is a general me thing with WIMP programs. Which is part of the reason that I mainly use CLI and TUI programs. Office suites specifically seem to be the prime example of my hatred. It feels like you are actively fighting against the software. They are also pretty sluggish, but that is a software thing in general (soydev's law). The sole reason for their existence is redundent school and adminstrative work. apart from spreedsheet programs of course. Obivously I prefer using markup launguages for composing documents. It is much more comfortable. I feel that I am actually in control of my document. My documents also look much better than my classmates.