Fanisk - Die and Become

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The band Fanisk was an American Black Metal band that originated in Oregon. Their referred to their style of music as "Black Solar Art" Their style can be best described as unique, triumphant and mysterious. The only band that can be described as similar to Fanisk is Kataxu, even then Fanisk is wildly different with its mystery compared to Katatu's near constant triumphant chants. In this Article I will cover the band's debut: Die and Become.


The Breath of Boreas

The first track - The Breath of the Boreas is an intro track, which is common practice in the BM scene. The main thing that separates the intro from conventional intro tracks is the usage of drums and the existence of lyrics within the track. The track itself talks about the pursuit of godhood and gnosis by the Faustian spirit of Europe.

Return to Ice

The second track - Return to Ice also starts with an intro, which is quite weird. This track details ignition of a fire by a set of men of with a superior spirit compared to the lowly men which lack ambition. The fire that was ignited by the Higher men was the beginning of civilization and the development of consciousness. It also declares that greatness and "evil" compliment each other. And as such, in a rage against evil the fire will be extinguished and the world will return to ice.

Catastrophic Light

The third track - Catastrophic Light starts off with a brief intro segment before throwing us into the main parts. The lyrics of this track revolve around the destroyers. In the dance of life one creates and destroys so in order to create one must destroy. The vocalist in the track seems to be a destroyer of an old and decadent order. As his fires turn the old world into ice, you ask yourself for you god the justice of these actions, only to be perish from the silence. The repeating of the first segment in the final segment seems to symbolize the cyclical of the dance of life.


The fourth track - Polaris starts with an intro segments that sort of mirrors the first track. Followed by an instrumental segment up until the sixth minute then begins the first main segment. The lyrics begin with the notion that struggle is necessary for meaning. In the segment the melody is made out of synthesizers (in fact there are no segments in Polaris where the guitars form the melody that contain lyrics). It then follows that in night (after the fall of the previous being) great men arise, certain of their purpose and destiny and aware of what will come. The great men know what will be reformed and what will be purged. The track then goes off for an instrumental section until it ends.

Winds of the Golden Lur

The storm has in come the fifth track - Winds of the Golden Lur. It is night, the world has fallen into darkness. The last noble remnants of the old order sing a song in the darkness. A segment of classical music plays to remind us of what was. The world weeps for what was lost but ultimately embraces the night as all beings must die. With memory of the past, new life emerges.

As the Sparks Sang in Their Ascent

The sixth and final track - As the Sparks Sang in Their Ascent is an outro track. The lyrics themselves praise the great men who founded the old order, remembering its virility in its youth. Then the vocalist declares the beginning of a new world


Fanisk's debut was their weakest. While each track individually was great it lacked the inter-track harmony that shaped Fanisk. Despite that Die and Become is a highly unique and complex work that deserves plenty of praise. Eldrig's style can be akin to that of classical composers rather than traditional metal composers. Fanisk represents the ultimate detachment of Black Metal from its rock predecessors.