My school is retarded and stupid


Alright story time (not really but you get it). So my school decided to copy the Americans by outsourcing their locker management to a third party company. Said company has two options, a regular lock and a "smart" lock for 25 more shekels. I have heard that the "smart" option was chosen by default and of course I was against it. So I called the company inorder to change the lock into a regular one and they told they can't because "your school has signed an agreement". "Your school has signed an agreement" oh great!, now I can't even opt out from this bullshit because the retards managing our school don't let us. The worst part that they don't even cover so you ALSO pay more and are forced suffer this bullshit.

Why "smart" locks are retarded

"smart" locks are retarded because they only cause problems. They do not have a singular benefit.


"smart" locks are not more secure than regular locks in anyway. They are still vunervable to physical threats and are now also vunervable to digital ones with three different fronts. The actual device, the communication protocol and the application. I do not know how the actual device works. They use the infamously insecure Bluetooth protocol for communication and considering that the application is Shartphone only it's safe to assume that it's a security nightmare.


"smart" locks are much more inconvinient than the previous locks. In the previous locks you only had to enter the combination. With the "smart" locks you have to

  1. Download their application on your Shartphone
  2. Register than account (that requires an email and probably a phone number)
  3. Connect in the application to the locker and then press a button.

This does not even account for the fact that you have to pull your phone out which is highly inconvinient. Unless you are some zoomfag who will collapse without constant stimulation you will most likely have your phone stored in your backpack.
In a nutshell this is pure retardation and Ted was right.
EDIT: I managed to get a regular lock. Ye.