I do not think that I get anyone

I don't think that I get anyone. Some kid showed an edit (is that what they call it?) of the French people protesting/rioting against their president with a quote comparing him to one of their kings (I don't remember which) because he apparently did something bad??

I recently signed up to Agora's Road because I thought it would be a good place for discussion and it does a pretty good job so far but it was full of stuff (mainly memes) that I don't understand like this. Is this some parody on the slang of Gen Alpha? Is the joke that this does not mean anything at all?

Same thing in real life kids are talking about something called "Rizzler" It seems to me like a man who is good at seducing women?

Honestly, I might stop using the net for socialising at all. I am not really the social type. The internet is the best for file sharing anyways.