The hatred towards cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies went from being praised as the gateway into financial decentralization into being hated so much that even discussion of cryptocurrencies is worthy of excommunication. How did this occur? what caused this radical transformation? Well it seems that the rise of "crytomillionares" seems to be the root. It caused the commodification of cryptocurrencies as hordes of fools seeking to get rich began mass invested in cryptocurrencies. Inflating their price to a point where they are not suitiable for day-to-day financial transactions. Of course governments would be extrememly resistant to that idea as it reduces their financial control. NFTs sank the reputation of cryptocurrencies drasticly.

Speaking of day-to-day transactions. cryptocurrencies's failure to be adopted among markets (except digital black/dark markets) caused severe dissappointed among people. They doubt its effectiveness as a currency and see it more as a "evil thing capital uses to get rich while destroying the planet!". Of course there are energy usage concerns Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies. Proof-of-Stake has been proposed as a solution but it defeats the entire point of cryptocurrencies which is decentralization. I guess it could work for the get-rich people because they are clearly only in for the money. I still have a little bit of hope in cryptocurrency. Monero seems nice and commited towards freedom. It is also one of the cheaper non-shitcoin cryptocurrencies, making it more viable for day-to-day transactions.