Against rationality and concrete proof


In our modern society rationality is held as one of the greatest values. We are told to "listen to the experts" and to "trust the science". According to them scientists and the "experts" have an objective understanding of the universe in a matter that promotes to priests, preaching the gospel of the "Science". They write so called "peer reviewed studies" that only they are allowed to read, lest the peasants begin to doubt our gospel! As battling factions of priests fight each other, all proclaiming to the true holders of the holy Science. I on the rather hand, see rationality as a mere illusion.

The illusion

The notion of the existence of rationality is a flawed one because it believes that there is an objective understanding of the universe. Man asymptotes towards the golden sun, he doesn't not reach it. We have been disillusioned by our advancements to believe that we know it all, dogmatically refusing to acknowledge any alternative truths. A man kills another man because he thinks he will kill him, this is perfectly rational. YET in our so called "rationalist" society the man will be deemed as "irrational" and will be punished. Furthermore you could justify every action as rational solely because it was committed. As such all and none is rational.

The challengers

Our understanding of the universe was never changed by so called "consensus science" or a legion of research-laborers but it was changed by a few challengers who, in their melancholy, fought a war in order to make their own truth rule. The challengers were hellbent on their version of truth and crusaded with a great passion. Such challengers are giants compared to the researcher-ants of today, who blindly obey the so called "consensus science". Furthermore we the discoveries of the challengers relied on instinct which they built proof upon. Newton understanding of gravity came from instinct, not so called "rational" thinking. The sun bestows the militant and the mad the earth.


What do I preach? To trust your own instincts! You do not need a legion of priests telling you truth. You don't need a study that tells you that excessive social media usage is bad because you could easily realize that yourself. Hell, scientists don't actually know why we need to sleep, of course you will not stop sleeping. So go and forge you own truth dammit!